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Our My Town Tuesday Campaign is an initiative that encourages individuals, businesses, and organizations to shift their current shopping dining and hiring to locally owned, independent businesses every Tuesday.

So far, the response has been great. People love this idea and are finding lots of easy and rewarding ways to make the shift. Local choices are happening all over town and helping to build our local economy and maintain our local charm. One person told us that she bought local, unique gifts for friend’s birthdays instead of shopping at large franchise stores; another told us that he moved his checking account to a local bank; a mom of 5 said she now spends more of her entertainment budget going to local performances and supporting local musicians and artists and still another said she had made visiting the Farmer’s Market a weekly habit.

This relatively small change in spending patterns can produce a big benefit for the region’s economy. If everyone in Palm Beach made a choice to shop locally on Tuesdays, it would generate thousands annually in new economic activity for the region and create many new jobs. How is it that shifting our spending one day a week can have such a big impact? One reason is that locally owned businesses buy more goods and services, like printing and accounting, from other local businesses. More money circulating in the local economy means more jobs.

For those of you who are tech savvy, list them and tag them on our THINK LOCAL PBC Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Post your My Town Tuesday photos!

We love this idea! I PLEDGE to shop locally on Tuesdays.

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“We’ve made the effort to buy local for the last few years. We made a commitment to eat at local restaurants instead of chains, we have a lot of great restaurants in our area! it is easier to do than people think. Start now!” — Elaine, Tequesta

“Our family committed to shopping local this summer. It was fun! We went to local restaurants including Dune Dog, Guanabanas, Old Florida Grill and Giuseppe’s. We bought a gift for a cousin at Seaside Toys and Initial Styles.

Then we stopped by Palm Beach Ice Cream for a summer treat. We even bought furniture at Yum Yum Tree and when we needed parts for a bike, J Town had what we needed. When my parents needed a realtor, we chose Island Bridge Realty and received excellent local service.

We got to know some of the business owners this summer and it was a really good feeling working with a local and knowing we were making a difference for the owners of the businesses ( & their families)! Buying local was an excellent learning experience for my whole family!” — Meredith, Jupiter