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Think Local PBC. is a nonprofit corporation, which exists to help the north end of Palm Beach County maintain its unique community character, provide opportunities for entrepreneurs and build local economic strength.

Business Membership $150/Year

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As a Think Local PBC member you are part of a grassroots effort that informs consumers of the importance of spending locally.

You are also strengthening your competitive advantage by

  • aligning yourselves with other like-minded independent small business owners allowing for networking,
  • public education regarding Think Local initiatives,
  • collaborative marketing efforts and events,
  • appearing on the Think Local PBC website with your logo displayed and linked to your company website,
  • and the option to run sales or specials to promote to the local community.

Membership renews annually.

What is a locally owned independent business and how do Members support the “THINK LOCAL” movement? Our members own a business that is:

  1. Privately owned and the owner is a Florida resident,
  2. Controlled and owned in majority by local residents (those residing in Palm Beach County, or within a 20 mile radius of their business of their business that is located in Palm Beach County) and its Corporate Identity was created by its owner,
  3. Organized with full decision making power based with the local owner(s), and
  4. Structured with no more than 6 locations and its main base of operation lies within Florida.

 Neighborhood Non-Profit Membership $30/Year

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We are inviting community-based, non-profit groups who work towards improving the quality of life in the Palm Beaches. Such educational, environmental, athletic, and cultural non-profits are invited to join us as Neighborhood Non-Profit Members. Members will enjoy networking with like-minded locals, cooperative advertising, and invitations (including sponsorship opportunities) to all Think Local PBC events. Members will appear on the Think Local PBC website with their logo displayed and linked to their organization’s website. Members may run sales or specials on our website and Facebook page. Membership renews annually