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Think Local is dedicated to helping maintain northern Palm Beach County’s unique community character, provide continuing opportunities for entrepreneurs, build economic strength, and create an environment where locally owned, independent businesses grow and flourish. Our non-profit organization is working to support and preserve our locally owned, independent businesses.

Mission & Vision

● Re-energize the Local Economy
● Help Maintain Our Local Charm
● Organize Collaborative Marketing Efforts
● Develop Public Education and Events

Think Local is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization working to support and preserve locally owned, independent businesses.

Think Local was launched by a trio of concerned citizens who, as local small businesses owners, saw an unmet need in the communities they live in and love. Kelly Sturmthal is the current director. Questions? Contact her here. 

Think Local has a new campaign to better serve you.

Join us as we promote My Town Tuesday!  A new campaign designed to highlight our locally owned businesses as we educate and encourage the public about the value and benefit of shopping, dining and hiring local.

For Local Businesses – No Membership Fees. Sign our PLEDGE & promote your business, specials & creative local promotions on Tuesdays as we promote My Town Tuesday.

Our definition of LOCAL is a locally owned and operated business that is controlled and managed in majority by those residing in Palm Beach County. The benefit is that this simple shift in spending assists with keeping our local economy STRONG.

We even have free Think Local flyers available for the asking.  Request our free My Town Tuesday printable flyer or create your own, promote your specials by handing out the flyers to your customers.

Invite them to come back every Tuesday. Be creative! We will promote My Town Tuesdays so that our local businesses benefit.

Another bonus – we have collaborated with DECA at Jupiter High School to promote our “My Town Tuesday” campaign on social media so our locals and our local businesses benefit!

Promote your business on social media.  Get more exposure by tagging or posting @THINK LOCAL PBC Facebook, Instagram or Linked In.

 BUSINESS OWNERS, show off  your business to our LOCALS. Sign the pledge and promote your specials on Tuesday.


The results are a stronger local economy. Economic studies show that local re-circulation of revenue from chain stores is $14 of every $100 dollars spent.

Let’s build our local economy together!

If you spend money with local businesses, the results are dramatic for our local economy.  Local re-circulation of revenue from independent LOCAL businesses keeps about $48 of every $100 spent right here in our community.  

1.  Local businesses sign up on our website for FREE.

2.  Local business owners get access to FREE Think Local My Town Tuesday flyers to hand
out to their customers, post at their location or online to encourage their customers to shop locally on Tuesdays.

3.Local business owners are encouraged to customize their promotions, specials or products to expand
upon the My Town Tuesday promotion.

4. We will promote local businesses as we travel around town and on our social media

5.  Local business (and local customers and clients) are encouraged to post photos of local shopping and
tag the businesses on our social media  THINK LOCAL @THINK LOCAL PBC Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linked In.

Celebrate the charm of our town!