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As a Think Local PBC member, you are part of a grassroots effort that informs consumers of the importance of spending locally. You are also strengthening your competitive advantage by aligning yourselves with other like-minded independent small business owners allowing for networking, public education regarding Think Local initiatives, collaborative marketing efforts and events.

GUIDELINES FOR MEMBERSHIP – What is a locally owned independent business?

  1. Private ownership
  2. Controlled and owned in majority by local residents (those residing in, or within a 20 mile radius of their business that is based in Palm Beach County)
  3. Corporate identity was created by and full decision making lies with its owner(s)
  4. No more than 6 outlets; bases of operation lie within Florida

MEMBER INFORMATION – Please complete the form below. Please make sure your business meets the criteria listed above.  No refunds will be issued for businesses that do not meet the criteria and your submission will be considered a donation to Think Local PBC.